A Kapsalon contains plenty of calories and is a dish of fries covered with döner kebab and capped with cheese. It is grilled to melt the cheese. Finished with lettuce on top with onion rings, cucumber and tomato slices and contains garlic sauce and sambal (spicy sauce).

Kapsalon also means barber shop in the Netherlands. This meal is named after the person's profession who first requested this kind of dish at his shawarma restaurant nearby. The owner of a barber shop in Rotterdam started to order this mixed meal in 2003.

Nowadays a Kapsalon is served in many Dutch shawarma restaurants and is a favorite meal of the Dutch and Belgian youth to satisfy their hunger during a night's out.

Recipe Kapsalon (single serving)

See below for the Kapsalon recipe if you want to make one at home. Use the mentioned ingredients and quantities as a guideline. If you prefer you could add or remove ingredients or change the quantities. Depending on the restaurant it will be served with cheese slices or with grated cheese, but when making your own Kapsalon at home, you should top the dish with the cheese you prefer.


    Fries (+ salt), +/- 250 grams
    Döner kebab, +/- 200 grams
    Cheese slices or grated cheese (young mature)
    Lettuce, +/- 25 grams
    Cucumber (a few slices)
    Tomato (a few slices)
    Red onion (a few rings needed)
    Garlic sauce


    Aluminum disposable container or glass oven dish
    Frying pan or airfryer
    Baking pan


  1. Preheat the oven at 200 degrees, hot air oven at 180 degrees
  2. Fry the fries golden brown and crunchy in the frying pan or air fryer and simultaneously bake the döner kebab in the baking pan till the meat is ready to eat. The goal here is to have the fries and döner kebab ready at the same time
  3. In the meantime prepare the other ingredients. Cut the lettuce small, cut the cucumber and tomato in slices, cut some rings of the red onion
  4. When the fries are ready, fill the aluminium disposable container (or glass oven dish) with the golden brown and crunchy fries. Don't forget to add salt, if you prefer salted fries
  5. Add the baked döner kebab on top of the fries
  6. Add cheese on top of the döner kebab
  7. Put it in the oven for a few minutes in order to melt the cheese
  8. When the cheese is well melted, take it out of the oven
  9. Put lettuce on top, add some raw onion rings, add a few cucumber and tomato slices
  10. Add enough garlic sauce as you prefer and a little bit of the spicey sambal sauce

Eat the fries together with the meat, vegetables and cheese in one bite and experience a true taste sensation. Enjoy your homemade kapsalon. Eet smakelijk! Or as the French are saying: Bon appétit!

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